(incl. h.o.s.h. remix)

1. Come On Digital
2. Come On Digital (h.o.s.h. Mix)
3. Come On Digital (electrodub)
4. Come On Digital (chilltech)

deepdub recordings’ debut with the packed four-track vinyl “Come On Digital” by labelheads Smith & Burns. The title track features incisive computer vocals over a driving bassline, interwoven with atmospheric staccato strings bedded in deep electrotribal percussion and floating tech-chords to the kind of track, that will haunt you for days. If electrotech was a country, this would be it’s national anthem – deepness on steroids.
Smith & Burns own electrodub remix emphasizes on the suspense between snotty electrobass and timless melody bubbles. Stripped off it’s vocals, the rework takes the song from national-anthem to an uplifting electrotech club-groover.
With his remix longtime friend and Smith & Burns’ school-mate H.O.S.H. reduced the song to a deep minimal club tune – complemeting the title with his subtile hypnotic trademark sound that he is known and loved for since his releases on Get Physical, DIYnamic or Stil vor Talent.
Rounding off the 12″ Smith & Burns’ chilltech remix ditched bassline and -drum and focusses on floating tech-chord and granular groove. Melt into a sonic carpet the chilltech is the predestined version for an expanded intro -as well as the beloved chill-ins and -outs of our digital weekends.