(incl. smith & burns remixes)

1. Big Knob
2. Big Knob (smith & burns rework)
3. Big Knob (smith & burns chill dip)

deepdub002 – Big Audio – Big Knob

After great response and support for their first release “Come On Digital” by labelheads Smith & Burns, deepdub recordings return with another strong 12″ already.

Big Audio deliver Big Knob – a huge electro smasher destined to become one of this seasons’ clublife soundtracks. Driven by a forthright electrogroove, the pumping pad scuffling with tech-drums from hell promise to become long-time residents in many record-cases. Revamped by the deepdub labelheads themselves, the Smith & Burns Rework takes the tune into a realm of chemical deepness tensly escalating into timeless acid heaven. Abiding deepdub’s concept to include chilled version of their releases, the 12″ is rounded off with the Smith & Burns Chill Dip. Based on the reduced version of their rework, they molded a groovy floater perfectly suited for the rare but real moments away from the dancefloor.