Daniel’s love for electronic music developed in his late teenage days of germany’s early nineties techno birth-era. Quickly acquiring the skills of both beatmatching and finding the right vinyls he made a name of himself as a dj playing the most respected clubs in northern germany. Numerous acclaimed residencies and radio appearances fortified and further expanded his fanbase over the years.

Daniel entered the music biz as DJ promoter for PIAS Recordings Germany in 2000. Working for established artists like Mr. Oizo, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Blaze, etc. he was quickly appointed to the „Special Marketing Team“ where he further worked and oversaw more than 50 compilations – amongst them such blockbusters as the „D.Trance“ series. His own brainchild the „Eye-Trance“ compilation series enabled him to further develop his own musical visions and gave birth to Daniels first own productions.

After a few exclusive tracks for the Eye-Trance Compilation, it was time to release his first Vinyl on the Ibiza based Label „Macao Cafe“ in summer 2004. Various remixes followed and Daniel’s musical partnership in the projects „Smith & Burns“ and „Big Audio“ with studio- and former school-mate Peer Schmid led to the foundation of deepdub recordings.

After the first two acclaimed vinyl 12″ laid a promising stepping stone for an exciting future, the unfortunate insolvency of both the physical and the digital distribution partners forced the label to undergo some structural changes. deepdub recordings is currently being relaunched with some great music in the pipe. His latest Smith & Burns productions with Peer Schmid, as well as his collaboration „Daniel Bruns & Till Maurice“ will soon be seeing the light of the day on deepdub recordings.

Being a regular behind the decks in many local clubs, Daniel has further produced diverse club events like „Groovekomitee“ or „Nacht 2.0“, where he has been hosting the stage for the likes of Blake Baxter, Pig & Dan or Format: B.

Until recently Daniel was also hosting his own radio show „Global Process“ on bash.fm, where he has been presenting some of the finest names in dancemusic with guest djs like John Acquaviva, Guy Gerber or Oliver Huntemann. Concentrating on his studio work Daniel put the radio show on a halt – but certainly not forever.

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