bastian heerhorst and patrick meissner from hamburg first met each other in the end of the 90’s by their common love for graffiti. inspired by the hamburg nightlife, they decided creatively to work together in both streetart and music productions. because of bastians long time experience in electronic music and the revolutionary development of the virtual instruments, the two guys quickly obtained quite dancable results on their small budget.
it all began with the rather modest capabilities of a 4-track software on the amigaand doing the first live-acts with a groovebox, bastians passion for musicproduction and experimentation with all possible styles grew. since also patrick came in contact with electronic music in hamburg’s scene early already, it was somehow predetermined that in the future not only walls, but also dancefloors were going to be rocked. the project “Heerhorst & Meissner” was born and with kompass musik a label was found, which was courageous enough to publish the first tracks of duo. bastian recently has taken the global dancefloors by storm with his electro solo-project fukkk offf – so there is a lot more to expect from this prodigious team.

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