Daniel and Peer have been close friends since their time in school. Together they shared a deep excitement about the early techno years, that they already experienced in their (pre-)teen times – it was also together, that they did their first experiments with synths, samplers and sequencers.
Both have been working in the music industry for years – first as DJ, later through his compilations for PIAS Rec., EDM Rec. and Cuepoint Rec., Daniel has made himself a Name in the german trance and club scene, while Peer being an AV-media clerk has worked with numerous established artists and labels from both the underground, as well as the mainstream music business. Both being passionate music lovers, had to dwelve into the realms of sound alone for a while, but finally got back together under the moniker Smith & Burns to fulfill their collective musical visons – beware – as you will hear from them again.

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