MEL BELL is a child whose mother hails from the tropical island of Mauritius and her father, a sailor from Hamburg, Germany. Born on Dec. 8th 1976, she developed her passion for music since early childhood. She started on a carillon, where she created her own tunes and melodic creations.

Electric Kool Aid

Electric Kool Aid is the atmospheric dance and chill music outfit of deepdub recordings’ label head and the smith in “smith & burns” – Peer Schmid. Looking back on an intimate personal relationship with more than fifteen years of electrosonic art, Peer has been able to make himself a name both as an artist and remixer with a great hand for unique and diverse atmospheres – as well as a.. Read More

Robert Babicz

Robert Babicz has been redefining the boundaries of electronic music since the early 1990s. His unique artistry encompasses sound, vision, emotion and spirituality. From releasing and performing acid techno as Rob Acid, to his role as a highly-sought after producer and studio wizard infusing technical perfection with deep emotion, to his striking photos, everything Robert does expresses his desire to celebrate beauty and humanity, and to live each moment with.. Read More